System 7

What is System-7? Why do they exist? And why do they have this nice website?

In short, System-7 is the title of which a band of computer enthusiasts do their best work under. System-7 consists of quite a few very talented programmers, designers, and hardware / software enthusiasts. We strive to push the envelope in trying new things. From building cases and LCD displays to developing a Linux Disrubution and hardcore encryption programs.

Our goal is to create software for the people. That means we are Pro-Open Source and use the GPL for almost all of our projects. Our headlining projects include our cross-platform OpenGL SDL C++ Game Engine and our Linux Distribution.

We hope to achieve a friendly community with support for multiple topics through our forums, our IRC channel, and in the near future: our mailing list. With a friendly community, if we can't solve it, it's possible someone else can.

Members List

-System-7 Team